The construction of Diffazur pools follows a very precise technique that makes us exceptional. Whether it’s a large pool or a small one, once in water, the walls and bottom of your pool will be watertight. Discover here the reinforced concrete method we use for your personalized project and the major steps of its construction.

Which structure for my pool ?

Your reinforced concrete pool designer Diffazur uses a powerful construction technique : the Gunite. This technique, used during the construction of your pool, will allow you to obtain a durable structure over time. This is the price of peace of mind !

Pool construction with the gunite method

Construction of a Diffazur swimming pool in reinforced concrete using the gunite method.

Construction of my pool

Description of the Gunite

The Gunite is a dry method of spraying concrete. A pipe propels the concrete at 500 km/h on the reinforcement of your future pool. This way, the walls and bottom of your pool form a monobloc, non-deformable shell with a perfect seal.

The Diffazur plus

  • The Gunite allows you to build the most complex shapes ! The advantage of this choice of construction is the ultra-customization of your pool (submerged deck, balneo bench…).
  • This technique also allows you to adapt to the different access constraints of your land as well as to all types of pools : in-ground or semi in-ground, in the continuity of a raised terrace or on the ground.
Diffazur free-form pool

Free-form reinforced concrete in-ground pool by Diffazur with overflow.

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The stages of construction

Would you like to know how Diffazur builds your watertight monobloc reinforced concrete pool ? From the choice of the location on your land to the launching of the pool, follow the work of the Men of Art step by step, accompanied by your works manager.


The ground marking of your pool project will allow us to start the construction of the pool in your garden. This is the first meeting with a site technician. He will give you the tone of your dream project : site explanation, planning…


The earthwork is the first physical step in the construction of your pool. It consists in digging a hole in your land. Its price depends on the nature of your soil (limestone, rocky …) and the quantity of earth to evacuate. This place will welcome your future watertight monobloc reinforced concrete pool. The earthwork of your Diffazur pool is crucial. It ensures the solidity and stability of your pool over time.


Your type of pool takes shape ! The reinforcement is the support on which your pool will be projected. A specific reinforcement, the chainage, is put in place at the top of the lock walls. The concrete applied will be reinforced with steel or fibers that strengthen the structure. It is a work of goldsmith realized by our Men of Art.


Plumbing is essential in the construction of your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool and requires real expertise. It is important to know that the water in a pool operates in a closed circuit, from the pool to the technical room (wooden shelter, kit or masonry or rock Diffaroc), and vice versa. This perpetual circle of water is made possible by a system of connecting pipes and embedded parts such as skimmers. This installation circulates the water in your pond through a filtration system that ensures good water quality. Plumbing connections also allow for the installation of water treatment, purification and heating equipment. Pool accessories that can sometimes be added at a later date, since all Diffazur filtration systems are upgradeable.


At this stage of the work, the pools generally become more concrete in the eyes of our customers. If you want to know more about our shotcrete technique, find more information here !



This stage of the construction of your pool is one of the most delicate. It requires a great deal of rigor and concentration to ensure that the result is perfect. The installation of your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool coping must be done with the utmost care to ensure that your project looks good in your garden.

Interior coating

Freedom of choice and high quality standards are well-established traditions in a major brand like Diffazur. Since its birth in 1974, your reinforced concrete pool builder Diffazur has continued to expand its range of coatings. The quality of a one-piece reinforced concrete structure from Diffazur offers you every conceivable coating solution, from the simplest materials (paints, silico-marbled coatings) to the classics (glass paste tiles and mosaics). So which exclusive DIFFAZUR coating will you choose ? Find our wide selection here, such as the noble Carrara marble flooring.


We will send you a dedicated technician who will check your entire watertight monoblock reinforced concrete pool. Our pool expert will take the time necessary to explain the general operation of your Diffazur pool equipment, such as its filtration system. Your Diffazur technician will also advise you on the maintenance of your pool and on the appropriate water treatment for your pool. Don’t forget to download your COACH PISCINE mobile application as soon as you put your pool in water. You will find a description of your equipment and, above all, filtration and maintenance tips.

The construction of concrete pools by a professional, such as Diffazur, brings you many advantages. It gives you a waterproof and unbreakable pool whatever your soil and whatever finishing materials you choose. Would you like to know more about the structure that would best suit your architectural environment and your needs ? Ask a DIFFAZUR professional for the price of your future project here !

Being close to our customers also means ensuring quick access to advice and allowing you to easily equip yourself for the season.


Your pool project is unique

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Did You know ?

It is important to note that the construction of a concrete pool requires qualified professionals for the various stages, especially for the excavation work and the installation of equipment. It is also important to respect local regulations and building codes to ensure the safety and compliance of your pool.

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