Diffazur geometric night pool

Customize your pool

A Diffazur pool is a beautiful artifact that will enhance your property. Therefore, we make sure to offer you several decorative elements as well as different ideas and inspirations to personalize your pool. With Diffazur, your pool becomes your signature !


Your Diffazur builder offers you all the choices of coatings for your pool decoration: from the most common (paint, tiles) to the most exclusive (Diffazur mineral coating) detailed below :

You can customize your liner, but also the contour of your pool ! Your Diffazur pool specialist offers coping, mirror edges, natural edges or an overflow to surround your pool with grace.

Diffazur pool coating mix

Diffazur pool coating mix.

Diffazur submerged deck

Diffazur pool entrance with submerged deck and stairs.

Pool entries

The entrance to your pool varies according to your desires and pool styles. Do you want to have a relaxation area, an easy access entrance or a small area for your children to wade ? Your pool builder Diffazur offers you the solution of a submerged pool deck. The semi-submerged pool deck will transform your pool into your own personal lagoon !

If beaches are not your cup of tea, your Diffazur pool builder proposes stairs, in a more or less original style, to allow you to enter your pool in the most classic way, but just as effective as the beaches !

Well-being and comfort

Your pool reflects your personality ! If you want it to become a space of well-being and comfort, the pool builder Diffazur can advise you on how to transform your pool into a real place of relaxation or sport. A bench, spa, balneotherapy or counter-current swimming are the equipment you need !

Diffazur elevated spa

Relaxation and well-being spa by Diffazur.

« Discover our pool decoration ideas and make your pool a true idyllic painting, a magnificent work of art set in the heart of your garden ! »

Diffaswim counter-current swim

Diffaswim counter-current swim.

Sports area

For amateur or experienced athletes, Diffazur offers physical equipment for swimming pools : counter-current swimming. Measure yourself against the force of water currents with Diffaswim !

Decoration and water features

Do you want to decorate your pool to give it an atmosphere and an extra touch of your personality ? Extension walls, waterfalls, water features or decorative rocks will be your friends in order to transform the identity of your pool as it would suit you ! Don’t hesitate to call on Diffazur for quality decorations !

Diffazur water features

Rectangular pool with mirrored edges, studs, submerged deck and water features, made by Diffazur.

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The color of your water

The color of your water is, of course, dictated by the color and material of your pool coating but it is also influenced by the depth and exposure of your pool.

Decoration of the pool environment

Your Diffazur pool would be less beautiful without an environment adapted to its style. Create a unique atmosphere with a choice of coping stones, natural edges, or mirrored edges.

All these examples are of course not exhaustive and are subject to change, which is why we strongly advise you to contact a project manager, who will also be able to advise you on the design of your pool and its environment.

Decorative rocks and relief effects

Looking for nature ? To return to your roots ? Enhance your Diffazur pool with a decorative rock installation. Do you want to add relief in a different way ? Play on the differences in levels with an extension wall in which a water feature can be integrated for a wellness effect.

Your pool project is unique

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The customization of your pool is almost infinite: the shape, the size, the coating, the accessories, the equipment… give free rein to your desires and your imagination !

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