Whether you have a liner pool, a shell pool or a Diffazur pool, our concrete pool renovation service will assist and advise you in your refurbishment, decoration and development projects. Would you like to know more about the type of renovation that best suits your pool ? Diffazur will guide you.

Renovating a reinforced concrete pool before/after

Complete renovation of a rectangular pool into a geometric Diffazur pool with wooden deck and water lip.

A complete renovation ?

Is your pool out of date and showing signs of aging ? Or does it simply no longer suit your tastes ? Have your pool completely renovated ! This consists of refurbishing all the elements of the pool, including the coating, the filtration and water circulation systems, the safety equipment, and possibly the electrical and heating installations.

It can also include the addition of new equipment (bench, spa, submerged pool deck…) and structural changes : size, shape, depth. As you can see, this type of renovation involves major changes to the pool, which sometimes require total reconstruction and the intervention of professionals.

A makeover ?

Fashion changes and you want to follow the trends ? Give your pool a makeover !

A pool makeover is a great way to give your swimming area a new lease on life. Unlike a complete renovation, this technique, also called “pool staging”, allows you to update your pool with a limited budget. Changing the coating, coping, modernizing the equipment, or adding personalized options, the solutions are numerous but can, when put together, become very costly.

It is therefore important to study your project carefully beforehand in order to find the type of renovation that suits your desires and your budget. Diffazur can help you make the right choice.

Pool renovation before/after

Before and after of a pool renovation by Diffazur.

“Take advantage of 50 years of experience, for the best solutions and advice on the renovation of your pool, contact our Renovation Department”

Renovation by Diffazur

Pool renovation by Difazur.

Our concrete pool repair service assists and advises you

To make the right choice between a complete renovation or a simple makeover, our Diffazur teams are there to study your needs and your budget in order to offer you the most appropriate solution for your project.

Finally, you should know that for a complete renovation, no matter if you have a Diffazur pool, liner or masonry, we can renovate all types of pools !

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Engineering and Design Offices renovate your pool

Work with confidence with our concrete pool renovation service

By choosing Diffazur, you are entrusting your project to the European leader who has been committed to its customers since 1974. As with new pool construction, Diffazur’s concrete pool renovation service is committed to offering you the same quality of products and services.

Renovating your pool coating, or refurbishing your concrete pool, can be an upheaval for your already landscaped garden. This is why Diffazur offers you a design service for a successful project. Studies, plans and 3D drawings will allow you to project yourself in your future garden. Diffazur helps you design your project with precision and advises you in your choice of style, shape and coating.

In the case of work requiring an administrative request (prior declaration, declaration of work or special authorizations), our integrated design office will assist you in the administrative procedures and the creation of the plans to be submitted.

So, ready to dive in (again) ?

For concrete pool renovation, take advantage of the latest technologies

Did you know that you can upgrade the technological capabilities of your pool ? Indeed, as the pool world evolves, so can your pool ! Thanks to new technologies, your filtration, for example, can be improved to reduce your consumption and maintenance time.

To renovate your pool by modernizing it, here are some avenues to explore :

Replace the filter media :

Is the sand in your filter more than 5 years old ? Change it for Diffaclear volcanic rock ! Better filtration fineness and longer life.

Adopt automatic water treatment :

Opt for Diffapur, salt electrolysis by Diffazur that will offer you pure and healthy water, without stress.

Switch to the color LED spotlight :

Minimal consumption (25 watts) for maximum pleasure. Take advantage of Diffazur’s offers to give color to your pool at nightfall.

After many years of use, don’t hesitate to modernize your pool !

Opt for pool coating renovation CHANGE YOUR STYLE

Your pool is still in good condition and you simply want to change the color of your pool water ? Diffazur Services offers you the application of a new coating among its latest innovations or other coatings that will satisfy you.

And why not treat yourself to natural stone coping ? With Diffazur’s concrete pool renovation, treat yourself to a complete change of style, from the coating to the coping. You can choose from a selection of natural stones available in different qualities, colors, sizes and thicknesses.

Consult us for a renovation of your pool (or poolstaging) without any false notes.

Your pool project is unique

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DidYou know ?

It is recommended to call a professional for the evaluation and the realization of the renovation of your pool.

Indeed, only a specialist will be able to advise you on the type of renovation made for you.

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