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Diffazur, Europe’s leading manufacturer of reinforced concrete pools, has been building custom private and public pools since 1974 and has 50 years of experience and expertise in pool construction and hydraulic performance.

As Europe’s leading brand of reinforced concrete pools, we have built our reputation on solid workmanship. With over 45,000 concrete pools built, our expertise is recognized and our signature often copied. We were indeed the first to launch free-form concrete pools, submerged decks, overflow pools, mirror edges or lagoon style and we are still at the forefront of innovations and style creations.

Diffazur is the leader and key player in the construction of reinforced concrete pools and spas using an exclusive technique : dry shotcrete.


Reliable, proven and approved, the dry shotcrete technique (gunite) is the guarantee of a safe investment. It is also the only concrete pool and spa construction technique that can be adapted to all types of land and access configurations.

This construction technique, exclusive to Diffazur in France, makes it possible to build true one-piece reinforced concrete pools. Your pool is built in one piece like a reinforced concrete shell for a long-lasting and durable pool.

This technique is at the heart of our swimming pool constructions but is also used in the construction of engineering structures such as dams or tunnels. This technique is recognized in the construction industry for its solidity and flexibility because it allows the construction of the most complex shapes. Technically, the concrete is sprayed at 500km/h in a single projection, forming a homogeneous and ultra-resistant concrete shell.

Solidity, flexibility and creativity are the strengths of our one-piece reinforced concrete, offering total freedom of construction for your pool.

Freedom, choice

At Diffazur you will not find industrialized models but real custom-made concrete pools or spas that meet your desires and the specificities of each individual project. All styles, all choices, all finishes, custom-built, Diffazur pools and spas fit all budgets and integrate perfectly into your environment.

Diffazur has revolutionized the French market by creating numerous pool styles: freeform, submerged or semi-submerged decks, overflow pools, mirror edges, lagoon pools, nature pools … but above all Diffazur adapts to your style and builds real custom pools. There are as many Diffazur pool styles as there are customers. Each construction project, pool or spa, is individually designed according to the use, expectations and environment in which it is to be integrated. A Diffazur pool is the guarantee of a well thought out, adapted and serene construction.

The guarantees

Building your pool or spa with Diffazur piscines means choosing a solid company for a serene investment : Diffazur has a share capital of 5 119 409.47€ ; it means choosing guarantees such as ten-year civil liability insurance for works (subject to compulsory insurance) and managed by capitalization ; and finally, it means choosing a company that is recognized by its clients and by the profession with more than 300 medal-winning pools.

Within the framework of a swimming pool construction project, you have the following legal guarantees :

  • Short term : the guarantee of perfect completion (during the first year of delivery of the pool) and the biennial guarantee (2 years) for the equipment installed
  • In the long term : the ten-year civil liability insurance for works subject to the insurance obligation and managed by capitalization.

The ten-year civil liability insurance for works subject to compulsory insurance is managed by capitalization. This is a particularity of Diffazur. The management method of the ten-year civil liability insurance for works managed by capitalization means that the insurance contract guarantees are maintained for 10 years after the pool has been delivered, without payment of a subsequent premium in the event of cancellation of the insurance contract. This is a solid guarantee in the event that the builder goes out of business. Diffazur is an established company that proposes to its customers the best guarantees but also a recognized quality.


At Diffazur, you will find only quality materials such as an exclusive range of mineral coatings for a natural and unique look : marble effect, quartz, sparkling… An integrated design office for an ideal layout, a tailor-made project and top of the range services.

The construction of your pool follows precise processes, identical for all agencies. The choice and the will to always provide top-of-the-range services imply specifications validated by an independent control office followed by a permanent quality control at each stage of the pool construction.

The construction of a Diffazur pool or spa is also the combination of several crafts. Our craftsmen, experts in their field, build the pool that will make you happy :

  • Our artistic ironworkers : the ironworkers : the ironwork is the support on which the pool is anchored. Our ironworkers assemble the iron bars that form the framework of the pool. They handle bars called “TOR” of 8 to 10 mm in diameter. A work of goldsmith since these bars are tied by hand.
  • Our concrete sculptors : the gunners : this technique requires competent teams who have perfect mastery of the use of the highly technological equipment at their disposal : a huge compressor, a high-capacity concrete distributor and a gunite gun. The entire concrete structure can thus be completed in a single step lasting a few hours.
  • Our closed-circuit water specialists : the pool plumbers : according to the study provided, they carry out the hydraulic circuit and filtration of the pool.
  • Our shapers : the coatings teams : these teams are again specialized for each type of coating. When it comes to our exclusive coatings, the teams apply and smooth them by hand in one go, creating a unique piece of marble, quartz, etc.
  • Also, the work manager who accompanies you throughout the construction process. He draws the plans of the future reinforced concrete pool and is responsible for the construction site ; he follows and controls each stage of construction.

From the materials proposed, to the technicality implemented and the teams mobilized, everything is thought out with one objective in mind : the quality of the construction and your satisfaction.

This is also why Diffazur accompanies you throughout your project : before, during and after.


As soon as your project is studied, you benefit from the advice of our experts to define a pool that suits you.

All over France, the same technique, the same processes. Diffazur has no franchises. Wherever you are, the construction of your pool follows precise and supervised steps.

You have a privileged contact: the construction manager who accompanies you throughout the construction project.

Upstream of your project, the project manager advises you and helps you imagine your pool or spa construction or renovation project. If necessary, our integrated design office can draw up the execution plans and assist you with the administrative procedures specific to your pool construction project.

During the construction, your contact, the work manager, will follow each step and make sure that the construction phases go smoothly.

Afterwards, our advice and intervention service takes over to accompany you throughout the life of your pool or spa.

Don’t forget that your Diffazur builder is an expert in the construction, hydraulics and operation of your pool.


The quality of the materials and the top-of-the-line services add value to your property. Built to last, the pool (or spa) is part of your heritage to be passed on with the Diffazur signature.

Expert in the construction of reinforced concrete pools and spas since 1974, Diffazur pools is recognized as the European leader in concrete pool construction. When you buy a Diffazur brand pool, you are buying the brand signature: recognition of the quality, durability of the construction, originality of the pool… You can now access everything that makes the value of a reference brand.

Creativity and free forms, high reliability of concrete technology, contemporary design and nobility of materials make your investment a valuable asset that will stand the test of time. If you wish, we can also accompany you in your investment, by proposing a whole range of financing solutions adapted to your project.


Diffazur proposes a whole range of eco-responsible and energy-saving equipment for optimized operation and reduced consumption of energy, water and maintenance products.

Today, the performance of our pools is oriented towards autonomy and cost reduction: energy, operation, maintenance products, etc. From the filtration system to cleaning and the control of water indicators, the equipment proposed by Diffazur today allows the pool to self-regulate and automatically adjust the dosage. You rarely need to intervene and can fully enjoy your pool. Investing in a Diffazur pool is a conscious act of consumption : you are opting for a durable, optimized asset that, with Diffazur, allows you to enjoy your pool with peace of mind, almost autonomously, without constraints. And this is thanks to our exclusive equipment.


Exclusive equipment designed for a pool that is easy to live with and free of constraints : home automation, integrated automatic cleaning and autonomous filtration… for healthy water. You don’t have to waste time or money, you just have to enjoy your pool.

Technological innovations have been incorporated into your pool to make it more economical and facilitate your daily life. You enjoy a pool that is easy to live with, economical and durable ! Diffaclean integrated automatic cleaning, Venturi optimized filtration system, home automation for a connected pool with Hydrocapt, automatic regulation of parameters, performance… Diffazur equipment is the trend in the pool. As proof, we were already talking about connected pools and home automation in the 2010s. Today, we offer you : the connected, intelligent and autonomous pool !

Our teams are also constantly aware of the latest trends in terms of coating and choice of materials to propose you the best services. Recently, another range of exclusive mineral coatings has been launched for even more comfort and for an optimum natural look.


Diffazur is a professional team at your disposal everywhere in France. An advice and intervention service at your disposal to answer your questions or requests for intervention and 17 shops/stores nearby.

Your Diffazur pool requires a minimum of maintenance. However, to help you and make your pool even easier to live with, we have an advice and intervention service at your disposal. Questions of maintenance, water treatment, subscription services… all our teams are at your service. And for a local service, 17 shops/stores in France welcome you for advice but also for the purchase of maintenance products adapted to your Diffazur pool.

Diffazur free-form pool with overflow

Diffazur free-form pool with overflow.

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Qualification bodies for companies

Diffazur is approved by the French inspection body Qualisport.


Qualisport is the French qualification organization for companies in the field of sports and leisure activities. Qualisport has a protocol agreement with the Ministry of Sports that legitimizes Diffazur’s expertise as a pool designer.

Qualisport is the quality reference for sports and leisure for public and private clients (architects, design offices, institutions, sports and professional federations, builders, installers).

Diffazur is strongly involved in improving the standards of the swimming pool specialist :

  • Signature of the quality charter of the Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals (F.P.P) ;
  • Nathalie Saget-Bénielli, co-manager of Diffazur and administrator of the F.P.P.

Ten-year insurance by capitalization

With Diffazur, take advantage of the ten-year civil liability insurance managed by capitalization, maintained for 10 years after acceptance of the work. It remains valid even if the insurance contract is cancelled.

Diffazur brings you the guarantee of a builder recognized for 50 years for his mastery of sprayed reinforced concrete, the Gunite.

Professional associations

Did you know that Diffazur is a member of the following associations in France and the USA ?

  • The Federation of Pool Professionals (FPP) ;
  • The Association for the Quality of Mortar and Concrete Projection (ASQUAPRO) ;
  • The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Your Diffazur pool designer has a social commitment. We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Indeed, we are increasingly taking into account environmental issues related to our profession as pool designers. The Diffazur group has a real desire to integrate CSR values into its internal operations, its human resources management, and its manufacturing, design and construction methods for your pool.

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The expertise and quality of Diffazur’s products have been recognized by the French control organization Qualisport, which legitimizes the know-how of swimming pool specialists in the field of sports and leisure activities.

One more reason to trust Diffazur’s expertise.

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