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Choosing us also means benefiting from our services throughout the life of your pool. As you now know, our pools are built to last and our teams will accompany you in the long term for its use, its maintenance and why not in many years its renovation.


You built a non-Diffazur pool a few years or decades ago and it has some defects? You simply want to modify its shape? Everything is possible with Diffazur. There is no such thing as a small or large renovation, only the one that suits you. Our renovation service offers you all the possibilities, whether your pool is a Diffazur or not. We can intervene and transform any aging pool into a modern, custom-made pool that suits your tastes.

Pool after / before

After / before pool renovation by Diffazur.

Professional assistance

Professional Diffazur assistance.


Diffazur’s assistance offers you many services to continue to accompany you even after the construction of your pool. If you have a problem, our After-Sales Service is reactive and attentive to the customer’s needs. The assistance offered by Diffazur is qualitative and at your disposal!

In addition to this human assistance, applications such as Hydrocapt Pilot can be downloaded to your phone so that you can take care of your pool and maintain it. Control your pool remotely and find the parameters of your pool wherever you are.

With the completion of your pool, you will also have access to the guarantees that Diffazur offers for its pools and equipment.

Other services

Your Diffazur pool builder also offers you other services. First, join our Diffazur Club to unlock exclusive benefits that can save you money throughout the pool. In addition to this membership, find accessories available in stores near you, to make your swimming as pleasant as possible.

Diffazur pool roller shutter

Roller shutter covering a Diffazur mirror-edged swimming pool.

« Join Club Diffazur, subscribe to our subscriptions. You will benefit from advantages reserved for our members. Diffazur saves you unnecessary costs or costly repairs. »

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Our accessories and our exclusivities

For your pool builder Diffazur, the comfort of your bathing is a must. And when you say pool, you say maintenance. Are you not thrilled with the idea of cleaning and maintaining your pool ? To help you, your Diffazur pool builder has developed several maintenance products and accessories to make your life easier. For more information on our accessories, don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Diffazur store.

Our after-sales service accompanies you personally

Better than a standard after-sales service, the personal assistance offered by Diffazur is the assurance of professional follow-up and the possibility of benefiting from the latest innovations. Diffazur is committed to following you throughout the life of your pool.


With Diffazur, by subscribing to our club, you benefit from a series of exclusive advantages. Your Diffazur Services subscription will not only allow you to have your annual technical inspections carried out by a professional, but also to anticipate possible problems and avoid unnecessary costs, or even costly repairs. By joining our club, you are also sure to call on professionals who know your pool and how it works, and who will be able to act quickly and efficiently if necessary. Join the Diffazur Club !

Other services

  • After-sales service
  • Telephone support
  • Technical control of your pool
  • Subscriptions
  • Local stores

A complete catalog of accessories and products recommended by your Diffazur pool specialist.

Finally, because your life evolves and there are many innovations in the world of swimming pools, we have a renovation service to meet all your desires for change : switching to a connected pool, changing the shape of your pool or its color… Discover this service with Diffazur !


Your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool gives you satisfaction season after season, but you would like to give it a new look ? Take advantage of all the innovations in terms of decoration ? Filtration ? Benefit from the latest technologies ? Join the Diffazur Club ! We offer you a wide range of services for your Diffazur pool.


When it comes to safety, we have always been concerned with prevention. Diffazur recommends several pieces of equipment. These security devices are certainly effective, but no security system can protect your family better than your vigilance.


Questions remain unanswered despite your research through this article or another of the site ? Find here our Q&A and find the answer to your questions, whether they are numerous or not. These questions can be about the maintenance of your pool or about the different steps of the construction of your pool. If you have a question in mind, we have already answered it !

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At Diffazur, an integrated after-sales service (advice and intervention) accompanies you on a daily basis to answer all your questions.

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