Discover all of Diffazur’s pool equipment. Exclusive, high-performance, design, they will improve the quality of your pool through its water and the benefits it provides you. Diffazur equipment for your pool is designed to reduce your consumption of products, energy and water while optimizing their operation. Give your pool a serene life.


Since the birth of the Diffazur group in 1974, we have developed several environmentally friendly devices :


Technological innovations signed Diffazur :

Well-being and Comfort

Need to recharge your batteries in the warm, soft waters of your Diffazur concrete pool ?



Heat the water with

Spa & Balneotherapy

Spa et balnéothérapie

Relax in your

Submerged pool deck

Plage immergée

Relax in your

Sports pool

Are you a sporty soul ?

Counter-current swimming

Nage à contre-courant

A “sport” version of your pool

Anatomical bench

Banquette anatomique

For recovery


You are a creative soul and want to personalize your pool even more ?

Waterfalls and water features

Cascades et jeux d'eau

Like a desire for a change of scenery with our



Enjoy your pool at night



Customize your pool

Intelligent pool

Would you like to monitor and simplify the treatment, cleaning, filtration and heating of your Diffazur pool ?

Manage the water in your pool remotely


Give your equipment room an automated system



To swim in water that is free of debris and impurities, Diffazur offers you solutions adapted to your needs.

The semi-automatic cleaning

Nettoyage semi-automatique

Discover our range of professional and semi-professional robots.

The Diffaclean automatic cleaning system

Improve water circulation with the self-cleaning system

Maintenance and treatment


Salt electrolysis (Diffapur)

To facilitate the maintenance and treatment of your pool water, Diffazur informs you and offers you its solutions including salt electrolysis (Diffapur).

Electrolyse au sel fonctionnement


Wondering how to get crystal clear water ? 

Sand filter

Filtre à sable Diffafiltre

Filter impurities with the Diffazur sand filter

Roche volcanique Diffaclear

Optimize your filter mass with volcanic rock (Zeolite)

Cartridge filter

Filtre à cartouche Twinfiltre

Adopt the cartridge filtration solution

Water treatment


Traitement d'eau manuel

Semi-automatic : the diffuser

Traitement d'eau semi-automatique

Automated : the salt chlorinator

Traitement d'eau automatisé

Water circulation

Water circulation is essential to keeping water healthy and clean. Find out why our pools are optimized for water circulation.

Venturi Power

Venturi Power

Improve water circulation with skimmer power



Improve water circulation with the self-cleaning system

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Our range of equipment and options are dedicated to your pleasure and comfort. These selections are not exhaustive. Ask a project manager for more information, he will be able to advise you.

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