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The 10 reasonsto choose Diffazur

Diffazur is the leading European manufacturer of reinforced concrete pools and spas. The reason for our success is essentially based on 10 fundamental points.

  1. The reputation, the experience, the expertise
  2. The shotcrete technique
  3. The freedom, the choice
  4. The guarantees
  5. The quality
  6. Consulting and equipment
  7. The brand’s signature
  8. The performance
  9. The innovations, exclusive equipment
  10. The services

Diffazur, concrete pool builder

An expertise at the service of your projects

Do you want to build a custom pool that respects the environment ? Experts in the design of private and collective pools for nearly half a century, and European leaders in the market, we put our talents at the service of your comfort. As renowned reinforced concrete pool builders, we adapt to your environment and create a pool with customized dimensions and innovative design. Take advantage of a top-of-the-line service by calling on a manufacturer of in-ground or above-ground pools that fully meets your requirements.

Your reinforced concrete pool builder at the service of quality

To get the most out of your pool, and to provide a comfortable space for your loved ones, visitors and clients, you need to be able to rely on the expertise of a highly reputable concrete pool manufacturer. This is the case with our company, which has been in the pool construction business since 1974, with a focus on constant innovation.

Since our foundation, we have been the leading manufacturer of concrete pools in Europe. And with good reason : our designs are adapted to the space configuration and your projects for a unique and innovative manufacturing concept.

Thanks to the integration of a design office in our services, we are much more than just manufacturers of in-ground and above-ground pools, because we can accompany you at every stage of your pool project, in compliance with quality and safety standards. In short, choosing Diffazur concrete pool manufacturer means opting for a durable and original pool for long-term use !

Express your desires to your manufacturer, for an in-ground pool, infinity pool, with spa...

The pool is synonymous with pleasure and relaxation. It is therefore the ideal equipment to bring your wildest desires to life ! That’s why at Diffazur, concrete pool builder, we put no limits on our projects, as long as they meet your desires. According to your specifications, drawn up jointly with your manufacturer, an in-ground or semi in-ground pool can be built on your land, whether it is a private or collective pool.

Curves, dimensions, depth: many elements will be taken into account in the realization of this large-scale project, for a result as close as possible to your expectations. Trust your concrete pool manufacturer to create the pool of your dreams, in a contemporary, natural or traditional style !


With over 45 years of experience in the construction of reinforced concrete pools, Diffazur offers you a unique expertise and technique, recognized for its quality and durability.

In 1974, Diffazur revolutionized the pool construction market in France by introducing the free-form system, which allows the construction of pools of all shapes and sizes.

Our pools fit in anywhere, take on any shape and meet all your desires, all your projects, even the most imaginative. Far from plastic materials and ephemeral prefabs, Diffazur builds your custom reinforced concrete pool.