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Whether building or renovating, Diffazur Piscines Montélimar is at your service to study your reinforced concrete pool project.

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1 et 3 rue Fernand Ravisa
26200 Montélimar

Store presentation

Diffazur, swimming pool specialist in Montélimar


I’m Emmanuel PELERIN and I’m in charge of the Diffazur branch in Montélimar, which covers the following departments: Ardèche (07), Drôme (26), Isère (38). At Diffazur piscines, my mission within the branch is to ensure that everything possible is done, both humanly and technically, to give you complete satisfaction.

You’re planning to build or renovate a conventional or custom-built pool, you’ve got a predefined budget that can’t be stretched, and you’re wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of existing construction solutions : dry (Gunite) or wet concrete spraying, watertight or non-watertight pool structure, liner, reinforced membrane, industrial kits made from panels of different materials with more or less concrete, shells, continuously reinforced concrete or not. Or if you’re looking for professional advice on pool maintenance, or want to update the decoration of your reinforced or non-reinforced concrete pool, come and meet us and let’s talk !

Flawless support

Diffazur piscines Montélimar‘s advisors, technicians and project managers will be happy to share their knowledge and professionalism with you, to inform and advise you on the many choices you’ll have to make, as we’ve already done for pool owners who have contacted us beforehand, in towns such as Montélimar (26201), Privas (07001), Largentière (07110), Valence (26000), Nyons (26110), Livron sur Drome (26250), Sauzet (26740), Meysse (07400), Privas (07000), Aubenas (07200), Allan (26780), Pierrelatte (26700), Grignan (26230), Dieulefit (26220), La Bégude de Mazenc (26160), Crest (26400), Saillan (32170), Grane (26400), Montoison (26800), Grenoble (38000) and many more.

Of course, you’re free to question pool designers, installers, traders, water treatment specialists and craftsmen from a variety of professions, but when you question Diffazur Piscines Montélimar, you’re questioning a genuine “monobloc reinforced concrete pool builder”. Diffazur Piscines created this profession 50 years ago, integrating the entire chain of skills needed to ensure your project runs smoothly. Diffazur Piscines is not Europe’s leading builder of monobloc reinforced concrete pools by chance.

Our mission

Your project is obviously unique, whether it’s classic, contemporary or made-to-measure. It’s the culmination of a process of reflection aimed at making a dream come true : to create a space of well-being and comfort at home, and above all a place for conviviality. With our love of a job well done, we’ll be able to give you the best advice and open up new horizons for you, because Diffazur piscines Montélimar has mastered a range of exclusive, economical solutions whose sole aim is to simplify your life, and therefore the maintenance of your pool.

Having a beautiful pool is no longer enough, so we’ll make sure to offer you these innovative solutions (automatic integrated cleaning, remote control of your pool, optimized skimming of your water surface, and much more), which will make maintenance easier and allow you to enjoy your pool for many years to come in complete peace of mind.

We hope to see you soon.

Awards, prizes and trophies

More than 285 medals and trophies
at international pool competitions

Gold Medal – EUSA

Spa category

With its state-of-the-art equipment, this pool stands out for its mix of styles.

Gold Medal – FPP

Spa category

A magnificent rectangle pool with mirrored edges, accompanied by an elevated spa.

Gold Medal – PHTA

Geometric pool category

This geometric pool features a number of features that distinguish it from a conventional pool : infinity edge, deck...

Gold Medal – FPP

Exceptional pool category

This generously curved pool is almost a work of art !

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