Other styles of pool

With Diffazur, create your own pool of your dreams. So discover the You by Diffazur collection with all the most futuristic swimming pools. Here is tomorrow.

A pool of style to your image

Are you original? Want to create your own pool style? The others style pools are also in Diffazur. Thanks to construction technics and exclusive pool equipments, Diffazur will listen to all your ideas to create them. With Diffazur, everything is possible.

 Challenge already accepted !

You by Diffazur, Tailor-made swimming pools.

Imagine improbable places, the most incredible challenges. Diffazur always likes to push the limits and success your challenges. With a constant innovation spirit, Diffazur works with creation and design to explore new concepts for your reinforced concrete pools.

All these new models of the You by Diffazur collection are full of creativity and talent and made with carte blanche.

You by Diffazur is a collection of new style pools? These swimming pools are made with creativity and talent but also with your trust in Diffazur.

The other styles: The « Concept Pool » by Diffazur.

As for the « concept cars » in the automobile industry, You by Diffazur is a great futuristic and functional site of reinforced concrete pools concepts. These pools are the future. And the pool world is constantly changing!

The RiverSide by Diffazur, the moving water (2015)

An other innovation of Reseach and Development service of your reinforced concrete swimming pool builder: the RiverSide. Thie Riverside is a visionary swimming pool concept like the flying pool. « listening to our customers and observing the trends are our pririority, they tell us their wishes, surprise us and also make us dream and then give us new ways for the future.  » explains Gérard BENIELLI, Diffazur Swimming pools ’s co-funder.

The RiverSide concept is the meeting of the sight, hearing and touch. It gives a new esthetic vision by giving life to your water pool. More, the sound of lapping and water blades offer you wellness and relaxation.

A moving water

The water overflows surrounded the pool and create a constant moving water, like a real watercourse. With Diffazur, reinforced concrete swimming pool builder, no more standing water and frozen water but a living water for your wellness and your relaxation. This exceptional facility brings you a new way to enjoy your swimming pool. This is the perfect compromise between the fautless estheticism of your pool and the wild beauty of the river.

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In the air with the Flying Pool concept (2011)

The first-born « concept Pool » is the Flying pool. It has been launched in 2010. Such a flying carpert borrowed to tales of the Arabian nights, the flying pool is flying in the air. Playful, amazing, it is a new style. This pioneering pool has been designed by our Research and Development studio with the collaboration of an architectural firm to merge our creative technics.

  • Did you know? With our expertise, The Flying Pool will be perfectly built by Diffazur and its Fibergun technical fiber concrete.