Nature pool

The nature pool is an invitation to go back to the sources. Its natural and authentic style will be appreciated by people who like the changes of scenery, especially with the so-realistic Diffaroc decoration.

The Nature pool by diffazur invite you to changes.

Dream of wild unexplored spaces or natural adventures? Do you imagine this little lake surrounded of Nature? Your pool will be “nature”. Welcome to the new world of Nature pool style. Timeless trend, the integration of the pool in your garden is complete: water and nature in one.

A nature pool for purified natural water

Not apart from environment vegetation, your pool is pure pleasure! The nature pool has all the Diffazur technical, treatment and filtration characteristics. The nature style of your Diffazur pool builder is not a lucky hazard.

The ” eco ” Plus :Nature ryhmes with environmentally friendly! All our swimming pools and pool equipments are thought to optimize the water flow. Not power hungry, they are lower product comsumption.

To reinforce the authentic side or you Diffazur pool, why not decorating?
We can design and create reinforced concrete roc by Diffaroc as real as nature in our studio.

The perfecty integration of your pool in Nature

To make your pool more authentic, why not decorate it. Why not gracing your pool with reconstitued concrete rocs carved by Diffaroc? Be surprised in front of this amazing stretch of water.

Why not creating a surprising effect, by hiding the pool behind vegetation. Naturals cascades, watercourses, and other submarine decorations will perfectly match with a natural design for your swimming pool.

Bye copings, hello river’s gravels. Nature, the pool becomes a real daydream that will not disapear. The pool is here, closed to you, ready to become a wellness space. Water and nature for your happiness. A fullness world at your feet.

The nature pool: between green and blue

The nature style pools are not the classic ones. Diffazur hardly manages and builds spaces to look like areas created by Nature. Plunge between the blue of your water and the green of nature. Everything is thought to bring you in nature. The man’s hand disapears with pool coatings made with marble’s crystals, natural quartz colors, or river’s gravels. A wide range of colors, materials for a free approach. The « nature » are trendy and pool coating colors do everything.

With Diffazur Be nature! Go futher, contact us