The mirror edge pool

The mirror pool by Diffazur is not an ordinary one. It’s a real jewel built in your property. Plunge in the reflection of Beauty. « Mirror mirror tell me who is the best? »

The mirror pool: a Diffazur idea

The Diffazur mirror pool is an amazing declination of our infinity pools. The mirror pool is one of the contemporary swimming pools. Your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool builder launched this pools style in the 90’s. 20 years later, the mirror pool by Diffazur is still not outdated. More contemporary and more refined, the mirror pool is avalaible according to your wishes and to cutting edge of modernity.

The mirror pool: a surrounded overflow

The mirror pool design by Diffazur brings luxury and estheticism to your property. The mirror pool is closed to the infinity pool. Instead of overflowing on a side, the water overflows in a small container below. In a mirror pool designed by Diffazur, the water quietly flows between edges surrounding the pool. This optical illusion gives you the feeling of walking on water.

Your Diffazur pool builder has designed the mirror pool in the 90’s. 20 years after, it is not outdated yet.

The classic edge of limitless pool

Sleek atmosphere is trendy. From traditional edges we move to limitless pools, without unsightly copings. The copings surrounded your pool halves. The invisible outlines of your pool easily blend in your environment. The mirror pool is one of the trendiest pools with its decoration and its outdoor effect. The elegant pools create a subtil and refined atmosphere.


A giant mirror pool on the ground.

The mirror pool by Diffazur is appreciated because of its modernity and finesse. This pool has a stunning linear effect. The homogeneous water flow will give you the feeling that the surface of your pool is the continuation of the ground. This is like a giant mirror in your garden, reflecting the sunlight and blue sky.

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