Lagoon pool

The Diffazur lagoon pool is an irresistible appeal of exotism. Plunge in turquoise water thanks to exclusive pool coatings. Discover the Diffusion and Tropica ranges.

Lagoon pool Diffazur

A private lagoon at home is now possible with Diffazur, the reinforced concrete pool builder. The lagoon pool is a wild beauty at the heart of your property. The natural edges perfectly match with the environment. Dreaming of lost paradises, Diffazur builds them for you. Enjoy the view without thinking of the man’s hands and the construction steps. Your Diffazur pool builder harldy works for you to build lost paradises of your dreams. Travel with the lagoon pools. No need to go far away, you are already on holiday!

A tailor-made pool for a natural lagoon

What more natural than adapt a shape with your landscape. This is the freedom of the shapes of your imagination, let’s build your pool wherever you want on your property. Thanks to our reinforced concrete construction’s technics, Diffazur builds swimming pools with freedom shapes like the lagoon’s fresh air.

Want to stride these amazing lagoons? We look forward to hearing from you!.

Want to dive in a turquoise water with Diffazur? Choose an exotic pool coating. Let us bring you in a heavently decoration. The lagoon pool, a lovely way to travel!

Plunge into a tropical water with your lagoon pool.

Want to plunge in azure water? Opt for a tropical pool coating: sand, beige, caribbean green, will bring you on a heavently island. Lightly of deeply green water, like sandy beaches… a stunning dream!

  • The Diffazur Plus : Diffazur has predesigned shapes for your lagoon.

Diffazur created a specific and exclusive sandy marble’s crystals coating to create a caribbean water with reflection of the sky. The edge is created with Natural roc, a soft gravel coating, to accentuate the « paradise island » effect. The swimming pool could be surrounded of Diffaroc concrete carved rocs.

Customizable or free shapes?

Want a lagoon pool? Think of the Laguna shapes of our Diffusion range

With sandy or Caribbean green pool coating and a man-made beaches ou semi-immersed, the laguna will look like a lagoon. These shapes are made for pleasure, laughs and plunges. By choosing a Laguna pool from our Diffusion range by diffazur, save the design costs and the studies fees.

  • The Diffazur Plus: : Diffazur engineers optimized the water circulation in the pool. The result is a lower consumption, lower product consumption and an optimized filtration.


The Tropica, the « 2 in 1 » by Diffazur

The Tropica by Diffazur will be your private beach, like a lagoon in pacific. With the Tropica, discover the « 2 in 1 » version by Diffazur. Thanks to the special designed shapes, it offers a real games water area and a swim space for double pleasure and double ways to satisfy you. Fully enjoy rounded shapes with several dimensions adapted to your property.

  • The Diffazur plus: : From painting to marble finishing touch, the reinforced concrete monoblock is the only support that absolutely accept all the pool coatings no depending on your budget. So why do without?


A free form lagoon.

Plunge into our lagoon pools built exactely among your wishes! Thanks to projected reinforced concrete by Diffazur, no form can resist us. Did you already fall in love with this little mexican cenote blue lagoon? Want to relive your last swim in Reunion island? Build exactely the lagoon of your dreams to travel all year long.

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