Infinity pool

The infinity pool by Diffazur is one of the most beautiful creations we offer. The overflow can be complete or partial, depending of your desire.

The Infinity pool: hyphen between sky and water

The infinity pool is for fans of Beauty. Perfect for sloping ground, this is an invisible link between the garden and horizon: the sky and water union. The pool plays with your eyes thanks to optical effects. The invisible horizon is flirting with the edge of the pool.

Good to know:  You get an absolutely flat ground? You can opt for a mirror pool around the pool.

Infinity pool: compatible options

The infinity pool can be tought with all the pool equipment options of your choice: balneotherapy space with jet massages, spa, mineral pool coating, built-up wall for cascade… an overflowing pleasure!

Date: 1985. This year is the reinvention of infinity pools by Diffazur, a art of living lost since the roman baths.

The infinity swimming pools designed by Diffazur are for the lovers of Beauty. A real hyphen between water and sky.

A complete or partial infinity pool?

The infinity pool technic couldn’t be easier: the water covers the coping from a side. The water overflows on one side. It’s constantly renewed. The water falls into a special container. This is a partial overflow.

  • Did you know ? If the pool is partially above ground, the overflow can be done all around the perimeter.

The overflow for an always-crystalline water

The overflow has an advantage contrary to a pool with copings: instead of a skimmer, the skimming of the water is done on a bigger lenght! The dirts are evacuated easier and won’t sink. The result? A cleaning pool and an easy maintenance.

Good to know: the infinity pools are equipped of an automatic level control. Stop the filling « chore »!

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