Contemporary pool

The Diffazur contemporary pool is absolutely anchored in the present. its modern lines will satisfy the fans of Elegance. Bring it to the to with all our Diffazur pool equipments.

The contemporary pool: the 21th century design

Modern, your reinforced concrete monoblock pool is the mix of the technic and estheticism’s witness. You want, we can. With the contemporary pools by Diffazur, climb steps to modernity and elegance.

Anchored in the present, modern, it has a strong personnality and that’s its seduction weapon. No half measures, that attractive pool is not pretending, it is.

Contemporary pool: modern and tight lines

Sometimes strict, that pool favours tight lines. It is a geometric expert. This actual outline can have a large choice of possibilities as our services constantly evolving.

With its overflow, the moutain or the ocean looks it in the eyes.

With its long swimming corridor, ,it will be the extension of your modern house. In a mineral landscape it will be transform into a green space.

Is the contemporary pool hard to define? Not really. It will be unique in the world like all our creations designed by Diffazur.

A contemporary pool with modern pool equipments and refined decoration.

Live with your time is being modern. Your reinforced concrete monoblock swimming pool is equipped with the latest water circulation and water management.

With temperature and chlore controls, the Diffapur Salt water Chlorination manages automatically time of filtration.

With your dashboard to manage all your water settings, have regular accurate data effortlessly. The integrated automatic cleaning thanks to the nozzles at the bottom of the pool and wuth the hydraulic jets they will push dirts towards the filtration system.

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The mirror edges, a contemporary swimming pool.

Imagine mirror edges, with your modern pool delicately integrated in the garden to give it a new vision.

This swimming pool sometimes makes a whim and has a natural Wok, these funtains designed by Diffaroc with their serene whisper…

Is the contemporary pool hard to define? Not really. Unique like all our Diffazur creations. Robust, reliable over time, without compromise. Beautiful for long.

Want to create your own reinforced concrete swimming pool, contact us. We look foward to hearing from you.