Classic pool

Built to last for generations, discover the classic pools by Diffazur. These exceptional pools are dedicated to all your family.

A classic pool by Diffazur, but not an ordinary one

We still fight against the trivialization of swimming pool construction, the no respect of current regulations, standards, guarantees and water quality advices. The water, origin of life, deserves our respect. You usually build only one swimming pool in your life. The choice of materials and the pool builder is really important. Not a consumer product, the swimming pool is made to last. Diffazur has values and a positive vision of the swimming pool.

The classic pool: timeless

We deliberately let the industrialisation side to be closer of our customers in their patrimony respect. Nowadays, a lots of our customers are the children’s customers of yesterday. So, yes it is the classic one yet with a part of the owner soul in it. Classic but not ordinary. Timeless, this is the greatest compliment it could receive.

A Diffazur swimming pool is not a consumer product. It’s a real living construction for several generations.

A classic pool for a sustainable construction.

Not built to be compared to a consumer product, the swimming pool is a construction that will live for generations. Your concrete pool builder-designer hardly works day after day to make them easy to live and maintain. The « made in France » mention by Diffazur is known in United States, and in other places in the world.

In a few words, classic pool but never sustainable.

The classic and free form swimming pool welcomes all the family for moments of happiness.

The Diffazur classic pool builder challenges time and fashions and doesn’t want to be trendy. Timeless, a real strenght. Seduction and classicism amid the winds of time. A Great happiness for all the family. Efficient, the classic pool is built with the waterproof reinforced concrete monoblock like all our creations signed by Diffazur. It takes the shapes you imagine to change the life of your family. More than a simple water space the classic pool is that perfect new part of your house for family and friends moments and memories. In your lush garden, this pool will comes into your house, your life, and will be full of personal memories.

Adopt the classic style ,ask for an advice.