Your style

What kind of pool is made for you and your life style? Find out our different styles of pools and find yours.

The Classic pool

The Diffazur classic pool, often with rectangular shapes, is not a trendy one. The classic pool by diffazur is unquestionably the timeless swimming pool.
Its beauty comes from its classicism for years. A safe bet!

More details about classic pool.

The geometric pool

The geometric swimming pool is an irreproachable aestheticism of forms and regular shapes. Diffazur becomes master of geometric lines: square, rectangle, trapeze… The geometric pools are contemporary, with broken angles and straight lines.

Be amazed between geometric pools.

The Infinity pool

Hyphen between sky and water , this infinity pool will open up to new opportunities. The elegant overflow or your pool will bring a gateway to the environment. An escape feeling with a stunning view!

Escape with the infinity pool.

The lagoon pool

The lagoon pool by Diffazur, it’s the unspoilt wild beauty in the heart of your outdoor. The lagoon pool will bring you far away and will transform your property into a paradise island!

Go to a sunny destination with the lagoon pool.

The mirror edge pool

The emergence of the water over copings allows to make disapear the limits of the pool by creating an off-putting illusion effect. Your pool will seem to be laid on your property. A mirror swimming pool gives aestheticism and luxury to your property. The elegance by Diffazur.

Discover the mirror edge pool.

The Nature pool

You dream of wild spaces, unexplored horizons, adventures? In waterfront, in the countryside in mountainside, the natural pool will become a wild bower dedicated to water and pleasure. Totally part of the vegetation, water and nature just become one.

Back to the source with the « nature » swimming pool.

The contemporary pool

This contemporary pool is rooted in the present. Its strong personnality is a powerful seduction weapon… This pool prefers strict lines. A refined design and a minimalist style.

Cross your century with the contemporary pool.

All other styles of pools

An original project? Want to create your own style? You are one of a kind and you fully live with it? The other pools exist In Diffazur.

Travel in the other styles.