Tailor-made pool

Thanks to Gunite, Diffazur is the leader of tailor-made pools construction. This building technique is the heart of our philosophy.

A tailor-made swimming pool for your needs.

Diffazur is commited to respect your desires and your needs. The tailor-made swimming pool is a sense of freedom.

  • Custom styles, sizes and shapes;
  • Swimming pool styles;
  • Swimming pool coating, colors, according to your tastes;
  • Exclusive Diffazur Options and pool equipments.

Custom Sizes and shapes

Adapted to your outdoor, the tailor-made swimming pool will respect your space. It is also the possibility to landscape the outdoor:

  • Avoid to uproot a tree;
  • Respect fields confines;
  • Build a specific shape;
  • Thanks to Diffazur freedom shapes, the dream comes true.

Everything is possible thanks to the freedom of shapes.

The « Gunite » is nowadays the most frequently used concrete swimming pool technique. It offers freedom in the shape of your swimming pool.

Your swimming pool, your style

Your tailor-made swimming pool reflects your personnality and your style. Contemporary, traditional, trendy, natural or urban, Diffazur will build the unique pool that suits you.

Swimming pool coating and colors according to your tastes.

Diffazur is also a large range of swimming pool coating from plain to luxuous ones. Custom your swimming pool, make it unique. Esthetic, elegant, rugged, your swimming pool Diffazur is an affordable dream. Discover all the possibilities: shades of green for a tropical atmosphere, shades of deep blue to imitate seabed, or transparent blue to have a swim in a lagoon.

Exclusive options and pool equipments.

Diffazur tailor-made Swimming pools, this is also a large choice of equipment pools (home automation solutions, pool heating, water circulation…) that will transform your swimming pool into an ultimate one. This tailor-made swimming pool can be personalised: benches, man-made beaches, tables and bar…

Dare ask for the best service! Need an advice or information? Diffazur is at your entire disposal.

Adapted to your budget

Everything is possible. The Diffazur tailor-made swimming pool is adapted to your needs and your budget. A tailor-made swimming pool, it’s the requirement of perfection. With specific services for all your bugdets, our family business is at your disposal also for funding solutions. Respect of your ideas and your projects, easy to live and to maintain and will reflect your life style.

Ask for advice to the first European waterproof reinforced concrete monoblock builder.

Thanks to Gunite

Our construction technique Gunite is the most currently used in the world to create tailor-made pools. The Gunite is both ultra resistant and adaptable. Our secret? We propel the dry concrete at 500km/h. It then becomes a totaly homogeneous hull in shotcrete. With engineering professionals, a design Department, qualified staff, work managers, projects management and extended quarantees, Diffazur Swimming pools are a real esthetic and patrimonial additional value to your home.

With Diffazur, we love challenges. Our favorite time is when you come to meet us, full of ideas to ask us to build the impossible. And we will always answer yes. You will have all the guarantees of a reinforced concrete monoblock that will preserve from sealing issues.

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