Spa and Balneotherapy

Diffazur is the first pool builder with reinforced concrete spa services. S.P.A, these three letters sound absolutely relaxing…

An affordable Spa

Indoor or Outdoor, the Spa is a balneotherapy space you could use all year long with its heated water.

Absolutely tailor-made with infinite customization and a wide range of pool equipments, build a unique spa that suits you. Our construction is made to fit you, not the opposite.

With the best guarantees highest standards and Diffazur expertise, make sure that you will have a filtered water all year long with a high resistance and environmentally friendly construction.

Easy maintenance, possibility of independant filtration, energy and products saving are included with your construction project.

  • The Diffazur Plus:

    Add a ten-year guarantee by capitalization, with Qualiconsult and Qualisport certifications, flexible and effective funding adapted to your budget to open up to a luxurious world.

Alone or in company, have a relaxing time in your balneotherapy space to remove your daily stress and physical strains.

A tailor-made balneotherapy

Alone, in company of friends or family, the balneotherapy space is an easy way to relieve stress. Balneotherapy is considered as one of the most natural and easy therapeutic way to relax. Choose and imagine your own balneotherapy space by Diffazur.

  • A seat (build in reinforced concrete with the pool);
  • From 1 to 8 jets massages with power settings;
  • From 1 to 2 Diffajet tonic jets massages;
  • 1 Blower or seat blower (spa bath);
  • A dedicated pump;
  • A handy ignition button.

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