Luxury pool

The Diffazur luxury pool shines, amazes, and excites! Make your ideas come real with the infinite possibilities (colors, sizes, forms, pool equipments…). Luxury or dream swimming pool, you can imagine the most beautiful pool at home. Discover all the options to create a swiming pool not like the others, a luxury one, out of your imagination and built with all our expertise.

Dream to reality: The luxury pool by Diffazur

From the classic to the luxury one, Diffazur Diffazur builds many ideal swimming pools each year. Thanks to Diffazur expertise, the Gunite or projected concrete, we can answer to all your extravagant and oversized ideas. The diffazur Teams hardly work to select the best resistant and elegant materials , dedicated to swimming pool construction.

Shapes and sizes, also choose all the different elements of your luxury pool:

  • Infinity pool
  • Mirror swimming pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Pool Equipmentsto maintain easily
  • et jusque dans les équipements pour une facilité d’entretien déconcertante !

Endless pool: an ultimate luxury

The infinity edge swimming pool is the perfect link between the garden and the skyline: the union of sky and water. This swimming pool is a surprising optical effect where the skyline is flirting with the edge of the pool.

The overflow can be total or partial ; the water discharges in a second pool. « Infinity » pool, the water surface mixes with the « infinite » skyline.

The overflow is a real luxurious plus for your swimming pool.

Discover all our infinity pools.

Mirror edge swimming pool: the reflection of luxury and dream

The mirror pool by Diffazur brings luxury and estheticism to your home. L’esprit est très proche de celui d’une piscine à débordement. 

In a classic infinity pool, the water overflows on a unique side in a small container. With the mirror edges pool the water secretly disapears between two pool copings all around. This optical effect sounds like you can walk on water.

Visual show is guaranteed, more details about the mirror pool

The indoor pool: the luxury all year long!

With Diffazur, enjoy your indoor pool all year long in winter and summer alike. By choosing your indoor swimming pool, fully enjoy a luxury pool all year long. Dedicated to swimming pool lovers, the indoor pool becomes a new living space to your house.

Go for a dream indoor pool!

Pool coating choice, decoration and accessories to enhance your luxury pool.

Glittering Pool coatings!

Diffazur suggest you an incredible range of exclusive mineral coatings. We use the most gentle materials for your swimming pools. Quartz, marble, Mica’s crystals , will bring an additional value to your pool. More details about our pool coatings, discover our selection. You like seeing the quality, so do we.

A dream decoration

Diffazur gives you the choice to decorate your swimming pool according to your luxury ideas. Amazing Imitated natural rocs,funtains, wooden deck, or Bourgogne stone deck, we create your decoration of your dreams. Diffazur offers you the opportunity to decorate your pool like you want. Amazing Imitated natural rocs, funtains, wooden deck, or Bourgogne stone deck, we realize your own and unique decoration.


The luxury until … pool equipments!

By opting for our high-tech pool equipments, you guarantee yoursef the « easy-life ». A swimming pool easy to live, without thinking of daily chores. That is luxury! Automatic Integrated cleaning, piloting remote settings, home automation, Pool heating, lights, funtains and jets, everything is thought for your wellness.