Indoor pool

With Diffazur, enjoy your indoor pool all year long in winter and summer alike. Choose your indoor area and convert your living space into a fantastic swimming pool.

With the indoor swimming pool, have a swim 365 days a year

Discover the advantages of indoor swimming pool. With Diffazur, reinforced concrete monohull pool builder, everything is possible. Think « indoor » to enjoy it 365 days a year and have an area sheltered from bad weather. Water pleasures dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Now enjoy this new living space dedicated to water. On the decoration side, Diffazur professionals will work on the design of your reinforced concrete swimming pool. Spotlights, submarine loudspeakers, overflows, Diffaroc reconstituted rocs, AquaStyle funtains, Spa and balneotherapy spaces,… The indoor pool in a word? « In »!
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The indoor swimming pool, this is also …

The indoor swimming pool is a real pleasure, no matter the season and the area. No matter your schedule, your house style, your indoor swimming pool is waiting for you! Discover some positive benefits:

  • have a swim whenever you want
  • A new friendly living space
  • An infinite swim thanks to Diffaswim
  • Have a break with seat and massage jets

The indoor swimming pool by Diffazur is happiness regardless the hour, the season, and where you live.

Indoor or Outdoor? Why choose?

Choose an original one, the swimming pool which goes from indoor to the garden. Discover the Indoor-Outdoor by Diffazur, a real reinforced concrete monoblock swimming pool. Swimming corridor, overflow pool, a new way to enjoy it.
The swimming pool is a joint approach for a unique experience ; a real Art.
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Small in winter and big in summer

Conceived as an extension of your house, the swimming-pool is both indoor and outdoor. Original, it offers a new vision of space arrangement between the house and the outdoor. A style mix where each part creates one swimming pool. In wintertime, have a swim thanks to a partition wall. In summertime, enjoy the indoor and outdoor parts for shaded or sunny moments. You can imagine going back home swimming…!


A unique swimming pool created for home and outdoor

The closed indoor-Outdoor swimming pool can be easily unlocked with the horizontal or vertical partition wall. Fresh air of the garden mixes with the daylight. Out of the house, the pool recreates the swimming spaces and games areas. Two different atmospheres in one. Building this kind of swimming pool requires a flawless technique of a professional pool builder.