Family pool

Diffazur is a family owned company. We think, design and build swimming pools for all your family. Find out about your Diffusion and Tropica ranges.

Diffazur towards the family

Diffazur Swimming Pools has created a family spirit within its team since 1974. Our goal is to communicate this family state of mind into our swimming pool constructions.

A Diffusion pool for each family

The Diffusion range is composed of 6 predesigned models and dimensions. (6 differents by model) or 36 declined solutions with a wide range of swiming pool coatings and exclusive options by diffazur. You will easily find yours.


The names of our diffusion’s range by Diffazur are real invitation to travel, and relax:

  • Europa
  • Hawaïan
  • Ibiza
  • Laguna
  • Long Beach
  • Romana

Be tempted by one of these shapes and styles. From pool equipment, water color, design and shape, all these swimming pools are customizable!

The Diffusion pools by Diffazur have exotic names.

The Tropica, the double relaxing swimming pool

Do you know the Diffazur Tropica range? Discover the 2 in 1: it offers a game and a swimming space for a double pleasure so a double reason to seduce you. With the rounded shapes of Tropica pool, enjoy a playful and relaxing world. The Tropica is perfect for the family.

Water games for childen, swimming for the others, man-made beaches in slow inclination for all, get the originality of a diffazur swimming pool mixing everything you need.

For each pace, hobby, and relaxing moments, the Tropica is the answer for all your needs.

Already designed, the Tropica Swimming pool stays unique thanks to the large possibilities of swimming pool coatings and options: Plaster, MarbreRoc, QuartzRoc, Imperial HPM, mosaics, enamels…
Discover our large range of colors and materials. And now it’s your time to play.

For more details or questions, contact our manager project


Diffazur family pools’ forms