Your private pool

What kind of swimming pool is made for you and your outdoor? Discover our categories of Diffazur pools and find the one that will be yours.

The Family pool

Since the launching of family pools in 1984, we became experts in the building of swimming pools for each family to answer their ambition. We know that happiness and pleasure can rhyme with budget. After thousands of family pools, a strict and professional construction and a affordable budget, we build exceptional swimming pools at our best price: our Diffusions by Diffazur!

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The small pool

The « Ixess » small pool is a XXS swimming pool for a XXL pleasure. This urban and compact small pool calls for an intimate atmosphere. With the Ixess small pool, enjoy a « pool spa » all year long. The small pool is avalaible with predefined or free form shapes.

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The tailor-made Swimming pool

Imagine a swimming pool thought and made only for you. The one that reflects your life style and adapts it to your outdoor. The tailor-made swimming pool reflects exactly Diffazur state of mind. The reinforced concrete monoblock makes it possible. With Diffazur, your aquatic dream comes true.

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The indoor pool

The Diffazur indoor pool is a real new part of your house. Close to the outside or at the heart of the living space, your builder offers you the possibility to enjoy your swimming pool all year long, free from the weather conditions. In other words, the indoor pool, is « in ».

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Swimming corridor

Contemporary, the long and narrow swimming pools are made to swim infinite lenghts. With a counter-current swimming or a man-made beach the swimming corridor will be a luxuous jewel in your garden!

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Spa and balneotherapy space

Spa and balneotherapy are the ways to iron out stress and physical strains. Thanks to integrated massage jets, Diffazur brings you relaxation and wellness. Relax!

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