Discover our exclusive swimming pool equipments. For a serene use of your pool, Diffazur has developed different performant equipments to give you better quality water and easier maintenance.
Moreover, do you know that a Diffazur swimming pool needs twice less water than your garden? Our exclusives equipment are also useful to reduce the need in energy and treatment products.

Maintenance and treatment

There are many ways to maintain and treat water.
The water in your pool must be kept sterilized. To keep a healthy water you can either use traditional chemicals (chlorine, bromine, etc …) or opt for a Diffapur, our economical, practical and efficient salt-based electrolysis solution to automatically and naturally sterilizing your pool. It offers all the advantages of chlorine gas without any of the drawbacks of chlorine tablets.



Fresh and pure water. Keep your pool water constantly moving and not stagnant so impurities have no chance to build up with our turbo equipment: Venturi Power. The Venturi Power optimizes water circulation in our swimming pools without extra energy costs; it eliminates dead zones and reduces your pool’s maintenance costs.
As 80% of filtration is a “mechanical” process, Diffazur recommends Diffaclear (porous volcanic rocks) to increase filtration refinement six-fold, thereby reducing the need for additional disinfectants.

Perfect water is a constant focus for Diffazur’s team. It needs a very special attention and all the enjoyment that your pool provides is dependent on this.


There are three ways to keep your pool clean: to vacuum and manually scrub it out, share it with a robot or let our automatic, integrated cleaning system Diffaclean do it for you. Diffaclean stands out as an essential piece of equipment to ensure that your swimming pool remains a comfortable place to relax. Important: Diffaclean must be installed while the pool is being built. With Diffaclean, the water is being circulated using reversed hydraulic flow. A series of rotary pipes installed on the floor of the swimming pool ensures that the cleaning process is permanent and that water treatment products and naturally heated water (using a heat pump) are thoroughly distributed. No more cleaning chores and no need of a robot; even the pool steps are kept clean.


Enviromentally friendly

Since the birth of Diffazur group in 1974, we have developed a few environment friendly devices.

    • Diffapur
      Natural sterilization for your pool: Diffapur is an ecological treatment for your pool using salt-based electrolysis.
      For a real sensation of softness on the skin and no irritation for the eyes, choose Diffapur. The treatment is regulated by means of programming that automatically ensures the best level of sterilization for your pool. Diffapur can be incorporated during the pool construction or added to an existing installation. It handles its own maintenance thanks to an integrated system of polarity inversion. It is extremely easy to use and takes charge of sterilizing the water.
    • Diffaclear
      Exceptional performance: placed in your sand filter, it retains the finest particles and makes your water cleaner and purer. Thanks to its ultra-filtering effect, you save on cleaning products: no more smells, no irritated eyes.
    • Venturi Power
      Put a turbo in your swimming pool: Venturi Power optimizes water circulation in your swimming pool without extra energy costs.
    • Diffaclean
      The unique integrated cleaning system: with Diffaclean, you benefit from a genuine installation of water circulation based on reversed hydraulicity. A series of rotating jets installed in the floor of your pool ensures a continuous movement of the water and hence permanent cleaning, perfect distribution of water treatment products and the return of heated water. No area is neglected: even the steps are cleaned. No more cleaning chores, no need of a robot! Just enjoyment and peace of mind.
      Diffaclean is a system thjat pays for itself because it allows you to save on both energy and cleaning products.
    • Hydrocapt
      For a connected pool: an intelligent system which analyses in real time all the parameters of your swimming pool. With you laptop or smartphone, directly act on the treatment, heat, lightning …
    • Diffaled lightning
      At night, Diffaled illuminates your pool: mines energy costs, long lasting, Diffaled is an economical equipement to lighten your swimming pool


Comfort and Wellness

Need to relax in the warm water of your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool?
With Diffapac, heat your water and gradually enter into it with the man-made beaches and relax in your spa or your balneotherapy space.


Sporty pool

Are you athletic? With the Diffaswim, transform your pool into a sporty one!
Measure up to the force of a powerful current of water thanks to Diffaswim: a fully integrated installation for swimming in your swimming pool. That’s to its adaptable jets, Diffaswim enables you to train for swimming, to have fun and benefit from invigorating hydro-therapy massages.


Smart pool

Would you monitor and oversimplify: treatment, cleaning, filtration and heating of your pool? Install Hydrocapt home automation and remotely manage your pool. Or offer to your technical local an automation (Soleo).


Style and water effects

With Aquastyle, create elegant arches of water all around your pool. The Aquastyle system consists of nozzles built into the tiles surround which produce jets of water up to 2 meters high. No particular maintenance required.
With Aquafontaine, add to your swimming pool all the magic of aquatic fountains: spectacular effects guaranteed. Place your aquafontaine jets harmoniously and you will obtain an enchanting fountain decor: fountain style, geyser, nenuphar.