Not a simple frame, The Diffazur pool is an elegant and powerful artifact with our exclusive swimming pool equipments. A serene life in your pool.

Maintenance and treatment

To ease the maintenance and the pool water treatment, Diffazur advices you and gives you its solutions of electrolysis of salter water ( Diffapur ).


How having clean and crystal clear water? Improve the circulation of water through the skimmer power turbo Venturi Power, , filter impurities with Diffafiltre filter sand. Optimize your filtration with Diffaclear volcanic rock ( zeolite ). With Twinfiltre, adopt the solution of filtration cartridge..


Discover The Diffazur semi-automatic pool cleaning solutions (robots), or automatic (Diffaclean), and swim in a cleaned water.

With an automatic or semi-automatic pool cleaning equipments, swim in a pure water. .

Enviromentally friendly

Since the birth of Diffazur group in 1974, we have developed a few environment devices.

  • Diffapur
  • Venturi Power
  • Diffaclean
  • Hydrocapt
  • Diffaled lightning

Comfort and Wellness

Need to relax in the warm water of your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool? With Diffapac, heat your water and Diffapac, gradually enter into in with the man-made beaches and relax in your spa or your balneotherapy space.

Sporty pool

Are you athletic? With the Diffaswim, transform your pool into a sporty one!

Smart pool

Would you monitor and oversimplify: treatment, cleaning, filtration and heating of your pool? Install Hydrocapt home automation and remotely manage your pool. Or offer to your technical local an automation (Soleo).