Discover the spirit and history of Diffazur Group, the European leader of waterproof reinforced concrete monoblock pools manufacturer

History and figures

Innovation and creativity along the course of Diffazur, French and European leader in the construction of reinforced concrete monoblock pools.

DNA and values

The 8 values of your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool builder:

  1. Security
  2. The Reason
  3. Trust
  4. Choice
  5. Innovation
  6. Environment
  7. Citizenship
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility


Diffazur offers you 2 major guarantees:

  • The guarantee expertise
  • The guarantees for short and long-term risks

Make your own waterproof concrete pool by Diffazur is the perfect match for many knowledge-loving nobility.

Men of Art

The construction of a reinforced concrete pool Diffazur is the beautiful combination of several trades:

  • Plumber : performs the filtration of your pool with PVC pipes PN16;
  • Scrapper : assembles iron bars that form the backbone of your pool;
  • Gunite worker : projects the Gunite 500 km / h on the frame of your pool;
  • Plaster team : laying the coatings on walls of your pool in reinforced concrete;
  • Construction manager : following your entire project.

When you choose Diffazur, you choose over 40 years of experience in private pools construction. Our construction technique, the Gunite, is the safest and the most popular in the world.

The Diffazur Teams

Do you know the Diffazur teams? Have you ever seen the face of men and women who make the Diffazur group, the first European leader manufacturer of waterproof monoblock concrete pools ? ? Our teams are strictly trained in Diffazur quality standards. Thanks to them, you keep only the best of the private pool.

  • The Research & Development office;
  • The Design studio; /li>
  • The consultant Service & Intervention; /li>
  • Shops;
  • The network.

The Diffazur teams daily work to satisfy you.


The Diffazur group is proud to present our qualifications.

The Corporate Social Responsibility

We are engaged in a logic of Corporate Social Responsibility. We are increasingly aware of environmental issues related to our pool business.

Companies qualifying agencies

Diffazur is approved by the French agencies and Qualiconsult Qualisport control.

Companies qualifying agencies

Diffazur is heavily involved in improving piscinist business standards:

  • Signature of the quality charter of Pool Professionals Federation (P.P.F)
  • Nathalie Saget – Benielli, co-funder of Diffazur and director of the P.P.F

Professional associations

Did you know that Diffazur is a member of the following associations, France and the USA?

  • The French Association of European Consumer Defence (FAECD)
  • The Association for the Quality of the Projection of Mortars and Concretes (ASQUAPRO)
  • The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)

The decennial insurance by capitalization

With Diffazur, enjoy the decennial public liability insurance managed by capitalization, guaranteed 10 years after handover. It still valids even in case of the cancellation of this contract.