A Diffazur pool is a beautiful artifact that will enhance your home. We therefore offer several design elements to customize your pool.

Pool coatings to decorate your pool

Your Diffazur pool builder offers you all the pool coatings to decorate your swimming pool: from common to exclusive one.

Good to know : although the color of your water is dictated by the color and material of the pool coating, it is also influenced by the depth and its exposure.

  • Marble effect:

    Plaster, Marbreroc, Imperial, Arlequin

  • Quartz effect:


  • Nature effect:


More details about pool coatings?


Your reinforced concrete pool Diffazur is a sublime decoration for your home. Create a real scenography around your pool with water games, play of light, or by including a monumental Art Attitude artwork by Diffazur!

Your Diffazur pool is a wonderful jewel in the heart of your property. Choose in your catalogue from a wide range of pool decorations and make your own idyllic pool!

Water Games

Your Diffazur pool builder offers you a wide range of elegant and innovative decoration. Orn with an elegant water games:

  • Arches with AquaStyle ;
  • Geysers with Aqua Fontaine ;
  • Funtains with the Wok ;
  • or blades water.

Relief effect and decorative rocs

Want to go back to the sources? Decorate with decorative rocs, play on differences in levels with built-up wall where you could perfectly integrate a blade water.

Environment and decoration

Your Diffazur swimming pool will not be so beautiful without an adapted environment. Create your own atmosphere adapted to your style. A unique atmosphere with a choice of copings, natural edges, ou de mirror edges.