The construction of a pool by Diffazur repects a very specific process that makes our exception. Discover here the reinforced concrete we use and the major steps of your frame.

Construction techniques

Your reinforced concrete pools creator Diffazur uses three high-powered construction techniques. Gunite, Fibergun FC3 Tech and Betoform give you a waterproof and unbreakable pool.


The Gunite is a mix of concrete and sand. Diffazur projected continuously in layers this coating on the reinforcement of your future pool. What’s the secret? We propel the Gunite to 500 km / h! It forms a completely homogeneous hull.


The Fibergun is a fiber reinforced concrete barrel. Exclusive to Diffazur, the Fibergun is for even more resistant pools. This pioneering technology is a breakthrough in construction techniques to build reinforced concrete pools.
The Fibergun has a three-dimensionally reinforced structure. What does it mean? The shotcrete is made of composite materials and resistant organic fibers. For example, the carbon fiber whiwh is a diamond component.


The Betoform is a major technological innovation in the world of pool. The Betoform is an innovative structure. It is composed of a combination of flexible walls and ultra resistant and reinforced concrete. These walls are made of Fiberglass, a high quality material. Fiberglass is composed of reinforced plastic by glass fibers and silica.

The Gunite is a reinforced concrete mostly composed of sand. In successive waves, Diffazur projects on the frame of your pool to over 500 km/h !

Construction steps

Do you know how Diffazur build your waterproof monohull reinforced concrete pool? From the choice location to the launching, follow step by step the work of Art’men with your manager project.


The layout of your future pool will allow us to start building the pool of your dreams. It will have a major influence on your future comfort and the durability of your pool.


Thisis the first physical step of the construction: dig a hole in your property. This area will host your future reinforced waterproof monohull concrete pool. The digging is crucial. It ensures strength and stability to your pool in time.

Steel work

The steeworker builds the skeleton of the pool following specific blueprints, and supervised by the foreman.


Plumbing is an unavoidable and essential step in building your concrete pool by Diffazur. Good to know, the pool water is a closed circuit, from the pool to the machine room, and vice versa. This perpetual circle is possible with a system set as clockwork connections pipes. These channels circulate the pool water and ensure the good health of the pool. The plumbing connections allow the installation of processing pool equipments, purification and water heating.


The Gunite can create the most complex and imaginative shapes! The Gunite is the secret of your Diffazur pool builder. How? We propel the Gunite to 500 km / h! This concrete forms a complete, resistant and homogeneous hull.

Coping stone and man-made beaches

This the most delicate construction step. It needs a lot of discipline and concentration to obtain a perfect result. The laying of coping stones around your Diffazur reinforced concrete pool must be made with the greatest possible care.

Pool finish

Freedom of choice and quality requirement are deeply rooted in the tradition of a big brand like Diffazur. Since its birth in 1974, your reinforced concrete Diffazur pool builder never stops to extend its range of coatings. The quality of a reinforced concrete structure by Diffazur offers every coating solutions, from the simplest (painting, silicone-marble coated) to conventional ones (molten glass tiles and mosaic). So which one is made for you?

Start up

We send you a dedicated technician to take control of your entire reinforced concrete monohull pool. Our expert pool will take the time to explain you the general operation of your Diffazur pool equipment. Your technician will also advise you about the maintenance of your pool and its water treatment.